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We can unravel the numbers in your business and tell you what they really mean. You'll be able to relax with our NO Surprises Fixed Fee that is agreed upon before work begins.

Business Improvement

The Mindshop Business GPS is a Growth and Profit Solutions designed to help you identify your top 3 Growth & Profit areas. 

Click Here to start your GPS and get your free, no obligation report.


Most people are good at talking about ourselves. But what you want to know is what other people say.

Here's what our customers are saying.


Absolutlely Loaded with great content!  Great Resources to help you REV UP your business and the engine of your life purring.

Why Us?

baldry + sanford believe healthy businesses are vital to a thriving community. 

Co-Hosting Sales Rockets NZ is one way we help support, encourage and train business owners like you get more from your business.

It takes a special person to own and operate their own business.  That person is someone who sees an opportunity and is willing to take the risk to make it happen. 

We believe business owners need support, encouragement and training to unlock their potential to have a sustainable business and lifestyle.

In everything we do our focus is on helping business owners to succeed.

This happens through a wide range of accounting , business development , training & facilitation services.

Focusing on building skills and knowledge that can unlock the potential in each business owner and their business.

A personal interest in every client, working along side you to understand your unique goals and dreams and help you make better decisions in order to realise your dreams. Being  there when you need us.


Who we are

Sure we do all things you would expect from a chartered accountant, but we offer so much more. You'll have access to a diverse team of professional accountants, coaches & facilitators with a common goal of helping  you, as the business owner, succeed.  Integrity, a strong work ethic and an appreciation of the work/ life balance means you'll be working with people you can relate to.

Get your business growing. 09 421 9020 for a free no obligation meeting.  Not quite ready to meet us but want to know more, visit Resources or baldry+sanford on YouTube.

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